You have the Egyptian Sun God Ra to thank for the mythical barge Solar In the 19th c its a fact that electric boats were very popular. From the 1880s right up to the 1920s, and thereafter the ICE took precedence but then in the flared 1970s along came the very reason to re ignite interest in them, the energy crisis and suddenly electric boating and vehicles were reborn. In 1975, the first all electric sailing yacht went global with the first all electric circumnavigation. With Carbon fuel prices doubling every 5 years and with Solar panels costing half of what they did in 2010
The payback period is less than 2 years with every 100 watt panel saving 55 litres of fuel per year endlessly and then some. So whilst global cruising might not be your thing, then a trip down the canal might just be and.........

We are selling an award winning Widebeam vessel that was constructed specifically for the french canals.
This amazing vessel has taken electric boating to a new level , and in fact was providing electricity to neighbouring boats
on her trip. She is a power station in herself. The vessel attracted interest wherever she goes, as an ambassador for electric boating in general, even HRH the Prince Charles congratulated her owner and designer.