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The best way to sell used boats in Suffolk!

Are you thinking of selling your boat or houseboat in Suffolk? Do you need a local broker to take care of the sale process? sell more boats and twice as quickly as the industry average broker.

We have over 1,000,000 boat buyers registered on our website, searching for boats and houseboats like yours. We constantly monitor searches and send notifications to those who show an interest, to reach not only the widest audience but those most in the market to buy… globally, with unlimited pictures, videos and now...virtual reality pictures and videos! Only we do this.

By offering your boat to the widest audience, we manage to secure the best prices, often offsetting much of the commission charged on completion (we work on a genuine no sale / no fee basis) and as we sell them more quickly, we reduce the costs incurred whilst waiting for a sale.

So, what attracted me to become a Boatshed Suffolk Broker?

I started messing about on the water as a young lad, initially with speed boats and much larger Motor Launches, as a young man my only interest was how fast it would go!

Later in life, I found the joy of sailing, and have sailed the Southern Ionian and across the North Sea, as well as spending a lot of time on the rivers of the East of England.

My love of travel means I have been to some exotic places and I always take the opportunity to get out on the water if I can, whether it be a boating trip around the island of Phuket, water skiing off the beaches of Barbados, Deep sea fishing off the coast of Cuba or something more close to home, such rowing through Dedham and past Flatford Mill or Kayaking along the Stour. Life’s just better on a boat!

So why does being a Boatshed Broker work for me?

Having a motor trade background, I love being able to put customers in touch with their dreams, whether it be a high end luxury limousine, a top of the range SUV or a high performance sports car. Seeing the smile on their faces is what puts a smile on mine. (In fact you will hear me repeatedly say “I have never sold a car in my life but I have help thousands buy the car they of their dreams”)

Looking for a change of direction, offered me the chance to combine two things, helping people to realise their dreams whilst unashamedly messing about on the water.

We understand the selling process as well as the emotional connections owners have with their boats. We deal with every sale with the same dedication, hard work and empathy.
It was's professionalism and culture that made me want to join them.
To experience a hassled free and somewhat refreshing (in an old fashioned way) approach to boat sales, talk to

If you'd like to talk about how we can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we're ready for you and your boat, and remember - we sell around 4-6 times faster than the average broker!

Call me on 07391 421201, or e-mail me at to find out what I can do for you - always happy to chat!

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